Fashion Panel | Final Fantasy Cast

Final Fantasy Cast


Classic and at this point, pretty standard. Hard to judge the very low-detail original releases, so I’m looking at this image in particular from the PSP re-release. The Knight is a bit too pink and frou-frou. This is apparently where the MC Hammer onion pants for Black Mages originated. Also, wouldn’t wearing giant gloves get in the way of casting spells? The Red Mage looks pretty badass. Snuggie-like cape allows for movement and mystery, feather in cap is just jaunty enough. The White Mage is looking pretty elegant. She has a bit of a religious feel with the solid collar and total lack of shape–even nuns have some cut to their outfits.  Saved by the Red Mage.


Thief-ff1-pspI definitely agree that the Red Mage is the star of the show. I’m usually anti-hat, but feather-in-cap is too fresh to naysay. I’m actually a fan of the White Mage robes. They look so comfy. Like a Snuggie, but for casting magic instead of lounging around. One classic look not represented is the Thief. I’ve never been a fan of the green pattern-less bandana. If you’re trying to cover your hair to protect your identity, why is some hair sticking out? Shouldn’t a Thief have one’s face masked in order to conceal their identity? The Ninja does it! It’s not functional and doesn’t even look good. Still, it’s the only truly heinous outfit of the bunch.


Red Mage is the clear winner here…he’s Justin Timberlake in a field of Chris Kirkpatricks. But cuteness points to Black Mage and his floppy straw hat, comfy robe and pantaloons. He looks so ridiculous and unassuming that I’d think he’s basically the one you need to watch out for. No one expects the…Black Mage! The one at the top…who is that guy? The internet tells me he’s a knight. He looks like Dragon Ball Z, minus 5 points for his dumb headpiece.

Final Scores

Final Fantasy Cast
Jillian 5
Joey 6
Erin 5
Total 5.5/10

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