Fashion Panel | Final Fantasy II Cast

Final Fantasy II Cast


Again, original cast image is pretty hard to judge. First, apparently capes became the thing in the year between FFI and FFII’s release.

Firion: I don’t think cape and bandana go together. You have to pick one or the other.

Maria: The high-top shoes say she’s ready to party, but the muscle-shirt tank top says no one’s invited.

Guy: Can’t tell if he’s wearing a skin-tight blue shirt or has painted his chest Braveheart style. Also appears to be pantsless, so can only judge on his cape, which doesn’t even have any movement mid-axe-swing. Probably some low-quality material that cost at least $5 more than his haircut.

Gordon: Dressed exactly like Guy except with snakeskin pants. Snakeskin does not go with the cape at all. And if we’re also judging hairstyles, everyone except Firion gets insta-KO’d–especially Guy with his Dumb and Dumber bowl cut. 3/10, with all 3 points for Firion’s bandana and hair.


FirionDissidiaModelEven though capes are cruise control for cool, FFII’s classes choose terrible outfits to complement them.

Firion: I actually thought Firion’s bandana was him having two-toned hair until I saw him in Dissidia. This bandana is even more useless than the Thief’s! Definitely the worst offender of the bunch.

Maria: Maria’s purple spandex say she’s ready to jazzercize.

Guy and Gordon: Whether it’s skin-tight shirt or overly detailed breastplate, it looks terrible and needs to go. And yes, bowl cuts are never a good idea. The outfits are terrible, but the hairstyles are the worst. Probably the worst in the series.


As the one with an outsider’s perspective, never having played FF games before, I have to say my first thought was, “these guys look like WWE wrestlers.”

Firion: …shoulder pads? Really? Guy‘s charging out there bare armed with an ax and you bring shoulder pads to the party? Shameful. Also I want your decorative Rainbow Brite-esque star boots.

Maria: Purple pants, purple apes, what I think are gold medallions (?), let’s do this. The power stance really displays her outfit best…the clear winner.

Gordon has obviously been crowned the King of Mardi Gras and is wondering how he got there.

Final Scores

Final Fantasy II Cast
Jillian 3
Joey 2.5
Erin 3
Total 3/10

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