Fashion Panel | Final Fantasy VI Terra/Locke




As much as I like Locke as a character, the collar up sleeveless vest makes him look like a tough guy in some cheesy 80s flick. Terra’s original look has a shoulder pad ratio of like 1:1. That is way too high.


I’ll give ’80s tough guy Locke the benefit of the doubt and assume the high collar and lack of restrictive armwear is helpful in sneakery-slash-thievery. His hair, even in 1994 pixelated form, is pretty impressive–very wind-blowable. I’m having trouble reconciling the two Terra pictures. Rigid shoulder pad central on one version, supple bare-armed on the other. So I’ll just say: red dress, green hair, no way. It’s never Christmastime in Final Fantasy VI.


It’s a holly, jolly Terra, and I’m on board. Something about that green/teal hair screams sass to me. I like it. I’m with you on the shoulder pads, she looks like a linebacker. As for Locke, I enjoy his jean vest, although it seems to me like he wants to steal the Karate Kid’s lunch money. Is Locke also wearing Uggs?


Those do look like laced up Uggs! Disapproval! I suspect that he’s wearing a tank top underneath. I do like the red/green combo on Terra and everything from the waist up is pleasant, but those white patterned leggings look like an easter egg gone awry. Truth of the Universe #325: white leggings are unacceptable. Addendum to Truth of the Universe #325: White leggings with patterns on them are even more unacceptable.


Is dressing like a Christmas tree a popular past time in California? I won’t forgive Terra for the red and green combo, but I do love her made-for-kicking-ass boots and dress that looks like it secretly doubles as body armor (again, chibi version, the modern version looks like a rug from the entrance to a Thai restaurant). I don’t see visible fur on Locke’s boots so I think they’re Ugg-free. But the plain white Calvin Klein undershirt is a bit too “I’m not even trying.” We know you are, Locke.


You’ve convinced me that Locke isn’t sporting Uggs, so he gains a full point back from me. I can’t help it, I think Terra’s devil may care attitude with the color mixing and that delightful costume jewelry is fierce! I can even forgive the shoulder pads. Is my love of her just because I secretly wish I had teal hair? Maybe, but I’m okay with that.

Final Scores:

Terra Locke
Joey 6 5
Jillian 6 7
Erin 8 6
Total 6.5/10 6/10

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