Fashion Panel | Final Fantasy VI Celes/Cyan

Final Fantasy VI Celes/Cyan


First off, I’m ignoring Cyan’s chibi version because dat mustache. Despite being an honorable old knight, he can’t pull off the scraggly ponytail. Let it go, man. Celes is obviously one of the most beautiful and powerful women in Final Fantasy history. So why does she wear a leotard as armor? It’s way too Street Fighter Cammy and not enough badass army general.


Cyan’s chibi moustache is amazing, but I agree about the ponytail. Anyone that old shouldn’t have hair that long. Meanwhile Celes’s headband ruins any kind of general cred she might hope to have. She looks like she would fit in more on the set of The Warriors.


Could Cyan look any more like a bad guy with that mustache? Celes better watch out or she’ll end up tied to some train tracks. Agree on the headband…trying to pull out some bangs there does nothing to make it look better. The closeup of her head has a much nicer headpiece styling.


Erin’s spot on, that’s a pure silent film thumb-twirlin’-mustache if there ever was one. I think chibi version of Celes is misleading as well; she’s obviously wearing barrettes, not an ’80s work-out video headband. I’m giving her extra points for the power cape that has built-in shoulder pad armor and flows around her sprite so elegantly–simultaneously dainty and strong.


I had totally forgotten that Celes also has the only wardrobe change in the game, where she really improves all around. Well done, Celes. Cyan should have taken note. Even Celes’ hair length is more manageable.


Whoa, Joey, that dress is awesome! You’d never know that the little chibi and this pretty lady are supposed to be the same person. As for Cyan…lipstick on a pig? I don’t think anything can help this guy.

Final Scores

Celes Cyan
Jillian 7 4
Joey 7 3
Erin 6.5 3
Total 7/10 3.5/10

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