Who Wore It Best? | Bravely Default Ninja

Bravely Default Ninja


It’s a little hard to tell here if she also has a terrifying mask attached to the back of her head…I think she does. In any case, ladies win for her adorable kimono (omg look at that bow belt)…and gents lose bigtime for the low hanging belt (?) below his pot belly.


I didn’t notice the pot belly at first, but now I can’t un-see it.  Ladies all the way.  She’s the definition of grace, love the wing-like arms and Springy color scheme of the kimono.  Even her hair is classy.  Gents look like a fumbling cross between confused Phantom of the Opera and wannabe knight.


Ninjas are supposed to go incognito mode. The ladies pull it off. Gents having a ninja star, ninja headband and crazy demon mask just draws too much attention. Maybe his pot belly is his attempt at looking like an average joe? Unsuccessful attempt my friend.

Winner: Ladies


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