Who Wore It Best? | Final Fantasy X-2 Gunner

Final Fantasy X-2 Gunner
Final Fantasy X-2 Gunner


I think Yuna pulls it off the best, since she is the only one to not resort to needless midriff exposure. Paine’s popped collar gives her the slight edge over Rikku. 1st Yuna. 2nd Paine. 3rd Rikku.

1st 2nd 3rd
Scores Yuna Paine Rikku


While I think the belly button cutout on Paine is kind of weird, I really like the color palette. I think she also wins for most impressive gun. Yuna is wearing jorts but I think it kind of works nicely with her fanny pack. Rikku’s high cut briefs and what I think is a blue visor ruin her outfit for me.

1st 2nd 3rd
Scores Paine Yuna Rikku


I like everything about Paine’s outfit except the pooch window. Her skirt-wing is a battle-ready length and her shirt is an intriguing combination of business casual and hockey star. Yuna’s outfit is just a sluttier version of her FFX get-up with way too much cleavage, although the colors work on her. Rikku looks like she fell in a vat of sunless tanner; she was probably distracted by the shirt that appears to be slowly choking her to death.

1st 2nd 3rd
Scores Paine Yuna Rikku

Winner: Paine

Paine Gunner

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