Hot Take | Final Fantasy XV Player Characters

In Hot Take features, we give our first impressions of newly-announced characters. This week, we take a look at the main men of Final Fantasy XV that were confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show and are pictured below (from left to right): Prompto, Gladiolus, Noctis, Ignis and Cor.



I love how as you move from left to right, the outfits get more and more subdued. As someone who was mocked by his friends from wearing long shorts (capris according to them) in college, I’m glad that Noctis is sharing my passion for cool breezy hamstrings but covered knees. I liked the patterned shirts on the right three, but the exposed shoulders in Prompto and exposed chest on Gladiolus kind of break up their gang-synergy. At least I’m assuming they’re a gang, what with their matching red soles and all.


Gang or Boyband, I’m loving the coordinating getups. I think four out of the five are pretty strong. Ugly tattoos and top-to-bottom patent leather on Gladiolus is the weakest link here. Also want to note: Gladiolus is a pretty, pretty flower. The accessories are questionable, namely the quantity of fingerless gloves and the one pair of camo cuffed…cowboy boots? I’m hoping for his own sake, Ignis works behind the scenes. He looks like the guy they keep in the back of the van monitoring computers while everyone else is inside…opening safes? Roundhouse kicking people in the head? Glasses and hair like his don’t often get into quarrels and fisticuffs.


I think we should go with “gang,” because this is a walking mass of Hot Topic shopping spree. Amazingly, they each managed to find about ten different items without doubling up on anything, although I’m sure a fight broke out over who would get Cor’s skull deep-V and Noctis’s fingerless gauntlet. Prompto has too much of a Daryl from The Walking Dead vibe, complete with punk-hillbilly vest and perfectly styled “messy” hair. Gladiolus is a mess of pleather as Erin mentioned, but I like his bonus giant crotch zipper. I’m not on board with Noctis/Joey’s flood pants, although he has the best boots of the group and is displaying them proudly. His pseudo-military dress shirt is also all business. Ignis is so stiff I think he might be a mannequin they stole from the store, so his playful leopard print blouse is a bit out of place. Cor’s elf-toed rain galoshes are just…no, but at least he had the decency to put an undershirt beneath that ultra-deep-V.

3 thoughts on “Hot Take | Final Fantasy XV Player Characters

  1. Kyle, that’s a good catch. The first character I thought of when I saw (Noctis at least) was actually Hope from FF XIII. XV has been popping up on tumblr and I keep thinking of Hope when I see him. *shrug*

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