Who Wore It Best? | Angry Birds Halloween Edition

We don’t typically look at or care about human fashion here at Final Fashionista, but we’re making an exception for Halloween. Today’s Who Wore It Best? competition is between two variations on the Yellow Angry Bird (“Chuck,” apparently) costume: gents vs. ladies, standard vs. deluxe.


Angry Birds “Chuck” Costume


Obviously my gut instinct was to give it to whoever best captured the “angry” or “bird” look, but they both look so happy. I’m giving it to the guy for at least matching the gaze of his bird costume. Also, 40 pounds!? My god. Are there hidden pockets stuffed with gold in that thing?


I’m unclear what makes the 40 pound one “deluxe.” 10 more pounds to look just as stupid. I’m also giving it to the guy, for making the cheaper bird head look just as…good? Just as…yellow?…birdy?


The guy definitely has a disadvantage here since his costume appears to just be a bird-bib, while the woman’s is an actual suit with a backside and tail. I think his inappropriately happy look is more “Ahh, I’m a bird kamikaze-ing into a giant stack of bricks!” so a third vote for him.

Winner: Gent


One thought on “Who Wore It Best? | Angry Birds Halloween Edition

  1. I like to think that the black legs in those photos are silhouette-ish placeholders for where legs should be inserted, and that these two people are just torsos with arms.

    Alternatively, maybe the black is a Photoshop job because neither of them was wearing pants, so the expression indicates “Ha, you caught me, officer!”

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