Who Wore It Best? | Bravely Default Conjurer

Bravely Default Conjurer


I really like both of these, but I’m going to give the slight edge to the ladies. Those stitches around his legs and arms are a bit distracting, but I like the scarf and collar combo. It’s not as cool as the ladies’ double scarf action though.


They look like they’re wearing the traditional garb of their homeland. The colors combination is unique and I really like the orange and teal together. If I had to wear her headdress, I think it would be uncomfortable and annoying. Her dress is adorable but an awkward length. I agree the stitching on his robe is distracting, and I can’t quite figure out why his collar is part of the outer robe instead of the white shirt. This is tough. Ladies win this one by a small fraction


They’re both interesting and using basically the same components in mostly acceptable roles. The red scarf collar / headpiece, the ring belt, and the balanced color combos.  I’ll give it to the ladies as well: her Yuna-style ringed arm sleeves are elegant and we can see her boots, which are stylish and adorable.

Winner: Ladies


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