Who Wore It Best? | Bravely Default Templar

Bravely Default Templar


This armor is awesome! BUT omg that codpiece. There are practically arrows up by his shoulders pointing down to it. Again with the silly hair bow. Hair bow and tiara is a little much. I’m going to say gents win here, mostly because I can’t stop laughing at him. Ballsy.


I have to give it to the ladies, even though I think she killed the Knight and stole her bow. The headpiece/crown works better with her hair, the feminizing orange accents are actually attractive for once, and her pose is totally “Come at me, bro.”  Gents…again, Erin has ruined them for me by pointing out the arrows pointing to the codpiece.  Also, from this direction, his “tail” thing is at a very unfortunate angle.


I’m going to throw in a vote for the ladies. The bow is necessary! How else will you know she’s female? It’s also more subtle than the aforementioned codpiece. Lastly, I won’t stand for the popped-collar armor that the gents are sporting.

Winner: Ladies


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