About Us

Final Fashionista is our place to discuss the styles–or lack thereof–of video game characters. We’ll critique any genre and age of game here, although we’ve focused on our namesake, Final Fantasy games, to begin with. No belt-dress, parachute pant, or feathered hat is safe from our commentary.

Updates are posted twice a week. We’re currently trying out different posting schedules, so entries may appear on new days each week.

The Final Fashionistas


The group’s sole male voice. In his personal time, he dresses terribly because hot damn fashion is expensive. Despiser of hats, with extra special scorn for fedoras.

Favorite accessory: scarf.


Erin is an adventure game fan that always plays on easy…anything higher than that gives her heart palpitations. This allows her to spend more time giving side-eye to digital attire.

Favorite accessory: retro eyewear.

Felicia PortraitJillian

Jillian may not care about her own style or that of other real humans, but she’s watched enough What Not To Wear and America’s Next Top Model to efficiently lambast the overly belted choices of video game characters. 

Favorite accessory: layers upon layers.


Lorelle’s brief forays into the game world involve her spending an hour in the create your character menu and 30 minutes in a game, until one of her brothers reclaims his Xbox and she goes back to dressing her dog instead. Her claim to fame is once getting 3rd place in Super Mario Party. What she brings to the table is fashion sense, a critical eye, and no mercy brought from having no emotional attachment to any of these characters.

Contact Us

Do you have a game or character you’d like us to critique?  Drop us a line!

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