Who Wore It Best? | Bravely Default Vampire

Bravely Default Vampire


Octopus buckles and bunny ears! While I give her points for trying to be less cliché, I’m leaning towards the gentleman vampire for his Dracula cape and dance moves straight out of Pulp Fiction.


Nothing says vampire like star socks. There are just too many things going on in the ladies’ rendition of vampire. Even a Twilight fan would complain that this strays too far from the source material. Gents.


This is tough.  Seduction is helpful to luring in victims, but I can’t handle the randomly three-belted bikini bottom.  And the gents’ gray spandex tights are also ruining it.  Gents just because she topped it off with dumb bunny ears while he just has a random hair flair.

Winner: Gents


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