Who Wore It Best? | Bravely Default Spiritmaster

Bravely Default Spiritmaster


My mom wears her glasses that low down on her nose, too. The gray outfits are super washed out and I don’t think his sassy pose makes it look any better. Elvis hair and collar, and his feet look like little pig hooves. Her dress is very plain, but I can at least take her seriously at whatever her spiritmaster job does. Ladies.


Agree with Erin 100% on the gents.  Ladies win; I like the combination of tie and dress, as well as the Alice in Wonderland-style hoop skirt. Even her bow is understated and elegant. The glasses are too low on both and look more like war paint, but forgivable.


You can’t take him seriously? Have you SEEN his tie!? So professional. Despite me obviously enjoying his outfit more than you two, I still give it to the ladies. P.S. Spiritmaster: best job in the game.

Winner: Ladies


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